How it works

If you are interested to learn more about renting a safe, you are more than welcome to book an appointment, and visit us at our office. One of our entrusted employees will review the benefits of box storage and demonstrate the features of the box for you.
Box rent at Sequoyah Vaulting is a discreet and safe alternative to storing values.
The box facilities is registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
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Our Guarantee to you

Our guarantee to you
We regard it as our most important task, to make you feel safe when you store your values with us. Therefore, our box’s facilities are registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. When you rent a security deposit with us, only you have access to your box and your values. Whenever you need to handle your values, you’ll be granted private access to our box lounge facilities.
Naturally, we always offer full discretion.

Box prices

All prices are quoted ex. VAT.

Box rental is prepaid at the beginning of each rental period. An invoice will be sent at the beginning of a new rental period. In case of non-payment for a new commencement period, the box will be blocked.

For more information about box rental contact us at +45 70 26 24 26


Startup fee

27 euro

Small box 6 months

67 eur

Medium box 6 months

108 eur

Large box  6 months

135 eur

Locksmith drilling of box

336 eur

New lock

 202 eur